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From Ana G.

One session in and Coach Dixon had a plan to improve upon 5 areas of which I was aware but had been unable to address on my own. We are on our journey to fix it all and I am grateful for the teammate and the task master!

From Paul W.

Coach Dixon is phenomenal. She is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. She recommended some dynamic drills and stretches I had never done before that were really helpful. Furthermore, her workout was really difficult, but she encouraged me all the way through. Despite my being a high school junior, she treated me with respect and the utmost professionalism. Her credentials are second to none, and her expertise and personality made the session both enjoyable and incredibly informative. If you are looking for a track and field coach at any level or skill, look no further- Coach Dixon is the best!!! 

From Sean S.

Coach Diane is unquestionably among the highest-caliber professionals I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only putting me through a course of work the likes of which I've never experienced, but radiating competence and kindness before, during, and after our session, she left me utterly convinced that working with her was the surest way of achieving my goals.
I'll be working closely with her, then, and whatever your athletic goals--sharpening athletic performance; improving crossfit/obstacle race performance; preparing for military/LEO/specops qualification; securing track and field glory on the college, national, or international stages; even just finally getting in real shape--I cannot recommend strongly enough that you do same. 

From Douglas D.

 Coach Diane is a super Coach, She coaches my twin girls, it all started with one of my girls, the other not interested in track, she observed how much fun her sister had when training, she joined in, they love their Coach Diane. I recommend her to anyone who wants to excel at track and field, the coach has breathed the rare air at the highest levels of track and field, who would be a better person to map out the path to success, whether just to get in shape or go for a Gold Medal, your entire family is in great, capable proven hands of Coach Diane. 

From Allan W.

 Diane Dixon is an excellent and knowledgable coach, she is simply the best. She is able to analyze my son's abilities from day one and develop a superb training program for him. She is patient, caring and at the same time very focus on enhancing his abilities.
Coach Dixon makes the program very uplifting due to her sense of humor and her diverse method of training. Every day it's something new. My son looks forward to his training sessions. From medicine balls, to battle ropes, resistance bands, and boxing gloves, coach Dixon loves to mix it up.
I am sure my son will accomplish his goals with coach Diane in his corner. After a few weeks, he had shown drastic improvements in his abilities. 

From John Patrick.

 Meeting Coach Diane was a wonderful experience and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her. Her insights and critiques are already enabling me to improve my performance and my mindset about how I prepare for a race and my day to day running activities. I am looking forward, hopefully, to meeting with her in the future and continuing to improve my skill set. I would strongly recommend Coach Diane to anyone looking to improve not only their physical skills but also their mental preparation for running. My thanks for a great time - Colin Patrick O'Shea 

 From Mike


Coach Diane is a true professional. 

Contacted her and was able to link up with her right away for a session with my 10 yr old daughter. My daughter responded extremely well with Coach Diane and was able to gain a lot of good knowledge. We"re looking forward to future sessions.

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